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– Liquid Nitrogen –

To Make It Pop

Frequently. Asked. Questions.

Do you do events other than weddings?

Yes, we would love to help you at your birthday party, professional or non-professional evnet. We can do it all!

What do you use liquid Nitrogen for?

Because it’s so cold, (-195C) it can instantly chill glassware making sure that your drinks stay cold longer, without dilution.

Handled properly, it is very safe.

Do I need a liquor license?

No, we have our own license.

My event is at a private residence, can we still party?

Heck yes!

How large of an event can you service?

Up to 300 Guests

Do you supply the liquor?

We supply absolutely everything we need, so you are able to relax and enjoy your party.

Do you travel outside of the Okanagan?

Yes, we are able to service all of British Columbia.

Do you provide anything other than liquor?

Yes. We carry a wide range of organic cigarettes and cigars if you wish to have tobacco products at your event.